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Memorial Wall

Memorial Wall

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We are fortunate to have a beautiful Memorial Wall in our synagogue. The elegant memorial plaque dedication is a distinguished, reverent way of paying respect and tribute to the memories of our dear departed loved ones, showing as it does the prominent places they occupy in our place of worship and in our hearts. 

Plaques are now available for a $500.00 donation.   ***High Holidays Special Deal: order by Rosh Hashanah (September 20th) for only $360!! *** The donations supports our important work in the community.

In addition to a plaque on the Memorial Wall your loved one's memory will be honored by:

  • Special mention by the Holiday Yizkor memorial prayer (4 times annually)
  • Bulb lit entire month of the Yartzheit- anniversary of passing
  • Inclusion in the Yizkor Memorial Booklet on Yom Kippur
  • Yahrtzeit listed in our printed Jewish calendar
  • Annual postal notification of upcoming Yahrzeits

Donations can be made using our plaque order form. For more information please contact Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum at 916 608 9811 x 101 or email

Mazal tov to Bryce Leitch on the occasion of his bar mitzvah!
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Dedicated in loving memory of R' Berel and Yasha Liba Grossbaum OBM