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Chai Club Structure

Our Appreciation

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Please join the Chai Club!

As you may know, we are not funded by any outside organization – all of our funds are raised locally and spent locally in service of the community. And while many other Jewish organizations rely on membership to cover their expenses, we have not established a membership requirement. This is in keeping with our deeply held belief that Jewish involvement and participation should be kept as accessible as possible.

Chai Club v2.0

However, the numbers don’t lie. Our Financial Oversight Committee concluded that we can’t continue to sustain this organization while depending on unreliable and irregular donations. To this end, last year we created the Chai Club in which community members donate monthly via credit card this enables us to have a regular and reliable financial base.

This was a good start but far from enough.

Therefore we have recently restructured the Chai Club to reflect a more traditional membership model. We remain committed to providing Jewish opportunities to any and every Jew regardless of means and regardless of membership status but we will begin requesting regular participants to contribute via the new Chai Club Membership.

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Chai Club Structure

The new Chai Club Membership structure is as follows (all monthly):

Family :                          $144

Single and Couple:           $90

Senior:                            $54

Associate:                       $36

 (member at another synagogue/Temple who supports our cause)

These are the requested set amounts.  Any individual or family that feels they cannot afford these amounts can simply indicate the amount they can afford and will be considered full members.

Please click here to join the Chai Club today!

Our Appreciation

When you join the Chai Club you become a partner in all the important work that we do; the seniors that we visit, the inmates and their families that we support and all those whose lives we touch. In addition, you lay the foundation for a vibrant Jewish community.