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(OLD) Jewish Calendar - Sponsorship Details

(OLD) Jewish Calendar - Sponsorship Details





Jewish Calendar - Sponsorship Details


Advertise in the Jewish Calendar and for as low as $99.00 your ad could be viewed over 30,000 times in a month!


Prices listed are for individual ads; for multiple ads and special deals please contact the office at 916 608 9811.

Large Sponsorship Box (10” x 2”) - $499.00

Medium Sponsorship Box (7” x 2”) - $350.00

Business Sponsorship (3.5” x 2”) - $300.00

Small Month Box (1” x 2”) - $99.00

Personal Message* - $36/box

Shanah Tovah Greeting* - $36/box

*Personal message is placed on the respective date; shanah tova greeting at the beginning of the calendar.

Calendar Facts

~ Months: September 2016 - September 2017

~ Features: Full color design with beautiful pictures, Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times.

~ Circulation: Direct mailed to close to 1000 homes and businesses in the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area.

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