We’ve been tooting our own horn for over 3,300 years.

And we’re pretty good at it.

We’ve been blowing the Shofar, a simple hollowed out ram’s horn, for thousands of years in celebration of Rosh Hashana, or the Head of the Year – also known as the birthday of humanity.

This September 26 th and 27th duck out of the hubbub of daily life for 30 minutes of refuge. Return to a simpler, more essential state, together with fellow Jews all around the world. Hear the stirring, unadulterated blasts of the Shofar as we reflect on our collective birthday. And walk away with a message that you were carrying all along.

Shofar Sounding Schedule 

Monday, September 26th and Tuesday, September 27th at Chabad
7:30AM; 8:00AM; 9:00AM; 11:30AM (during services); 12:45PM (at the conclusion of services); 2PM 

Monday, September 26th at Tashlich (Willow Springs Reservoir on Pintail Circle in Folsom): 6:00PM

Monday, September 26th and Tuesday, September 27th at Grossbaum Residence:
3:00PM; 4:00PM; 5:00PM; 6:00PM

Email Rabbi Yossi at [email protected] to reserve or to schedule other times. 


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