Tuesday // April 7

Formal search for chametz after nightfall 

Wednesday // April 8

Fast of the First Born
Eat chametz until: 10:55am
Sell & burn chametz before: 12:01pm
1st Seder Night
Candle lighting time: 7:17pm
Say Blessings 3 & 2

Thursday // April 9

1st Day of Passover
2nd Seder Night
Candle lighting* time: 8:17pm
Say Blessings 1 & 2

Friday // April 10

2nd Day of Passover
Light Shabbat candles*: 7:19pm

Shabbat// April 11
Shabbat ends: 8:19pm

Download prayers and instructions for final days of Passover 

Tuesday // April 14

Candle lighting time: 7:23pm
Say Blessing 1

Wednesday // April 15

7th Day of Passover
Light candles after 8:23pm
Say Blessing 1

Thursday // April 16
Final Day of Passover
Download Yizkor text

Download Moshiach Meal Guide
Yom Tov Ends: 8:24pm


  * Light only from pre-existing flame.


[1] Baruch Atah Ado-noi Elo-hei-nu Melech Ha-olam Asher Ki-de-sha-nu Be-mitz-vo sav Ve-tzi-vanu Le-had-lik Ner Shel Yom Tov.

[2] Baruch Atah Ado-noi Elo-hei-nu Melech Ha-olam She-heh-che-yah-nu Ve-kiye-ma-nu Ve-he-ge-ah-nu Liz-man Ha-zeh.

[3] Baruch Atah Ado-noi Elo-hei-nu melech Ha-olam Asher ki-de-sha-nu Be-mitz-vo-sav Ve-tzi-vanu Le-had-lik Ner Shel Shabbos v'Shel Yom Tov.