Join us Monday, August 10th, @ 4:45 pm via Zoom

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Join dozens of small cities and towns across North America for an evening of awareness on Jewish values and perspectives on the journey of the soul. 

Guest speaker, Doron Kornbluth, is a bestselling author, internationally renowned speaker, and inspirational licensed Tour Guide in Israel.  His books include; Why Be Jewish?, Raising Kids to LOVE Being Jewish, Why Marry Jewish?, Cremation or Burial?, A Jewish View and the Jewish Holiday Handbook (all by Mosaica Press).

Doran speaks in over 50 cities a year to all types of audiences on many subjects.

Cremation or Burial?
Monday, August 10th
4:45 pm

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**Torah Studies will be held on Sunday, August 9th, at 7 pm, NOT Monday, August 10th, due to this lecture.**