What exactly is this event, a Passover Seder before Passover?

The Cultural Passover Experience is a unique, inspiring and entertaining fundraising event benefiting the establishment of an audacious project: The Jewish Experience Museum. 

Who is this event for? 

If you care about spreading light and goodness in our seemingly increasingly dark world, this event is for you. If you would like to contribute to a greater understanding and unity between people, this event is for you. And if you simply want to experience a unique and inspiring night out - this event is for you too!

What can I expect at the Cultural Passover Experience

The program will include a delicious dinner styled as a Passover Seder. If you have been to a Seder before, you’ll likely be familiar with many of the 15 steps of the seder but you’ve never experienced a Seder that is as interactive and entertaining as this event. 

Holocaust Survivor Leon Malmed will share his story and we will learn about the Jewish Experience Museum and ways that you can help support this exciting project. 

What is the Cultural Passover Experience supporting?

The Cultural Passover Experience will benefit the establishment of the Jewish Experience Museum. While many years in the dreaming stage, the JEM is finally transitioning to reality! Funds raised at this event will provide the foundation from which to launch the JEM Capital Campaign. 

What is this about a Jewish Experience Museum? Tell me more

The Jewish Experience Museum will be a hands-on, mind-illuminating, heart-opening and life-inspiring space of interactive exploration and discovery for all of humanity. Visitors will engage in an immersive cultural experience specially designed to foster learning, understanding and appreciation. We believe that these are the tools that are needed in order to combat division and hatred.

Using the latest in contemporary technology, the JEM will provide exciting programs and events, including hands-on interactive displays, exhibits and more, bringing Jewish history, values, culture and practice to life. From Challah to Chutzpah to Chanukah, visitors will discover the panorama of Jewish life and its eternal application—then, now, and always.

In addition to attending the Cultural Passover Experience, how else can I support this project?

Thank you so much for your interest! Please click here to email Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum directly to learn more about the JEM and ways that you can support the project.