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Personal Message

This past week has been a very bitter-sweet week for me personally, and for my family. Last Friday, my younger sister announced her engagement to a very wonderful person, Yitzi Schreiber. Great news! They planned an engagement party for this past Sunday night and I scheduled a flight to be able to join them on this happy occasion. However, G-d had other plans; over Shabbat my grandmother passed away in her sleep. Instead of celebrating an engagement, I joined a funeral procession.

G-d works in mysterious ways and we don’t always understand it. However, I think there is an obvious message here – a parent’s life never ends, it continues in their descendants.

In order to perpetuate the memory of our grandmother, we have decided to open a Jewish lending library to serve the local community. The library will be open as of March 1st, stay tuned for details.

The Pearl Krinsky Jewish Lending Library will provide the opportunity for those who wish to read extensively - whether for learning purposes or pleasure - by obtaining materials that may otherwise be unavailable locally. The library will include English language books on all aspects of Judaism, including an extensive children's and youth section.

We have undertaken to continuously upgrade and improve this library. You too can help increase this facility by dedicating a book in honor/memory of a loved one or a special occasion. Books can be dedicated starting at $54.00. Please contact the office if you would like to participate with the further expansion of the library.

Most importantly, this library is an invaluable community resource – be sure to take advantage of it!

May we only have joyous occasions to share!

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