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Freedom is not free

freedom-isnt-free.jpg "Freedom is not free" is a slogan that is usually used by people expressing support for our brave military; I think it's also apropos for Passover.

There's this romantic notion that freedom is easy; that freedom is simply the lack of limitations and removal of boundaries. But as pervasive as this idea may be, it is no less wrong. Dead wrong.

"Freedom is not free;" it's not easy. Freedom takes work. Lots of work. Hard work. But accomplishing freedom is worth all the work in the world.

Freedom means the ability to buck the trend; to live as you should not as society dictates. Freedom means the ability to overcome negative traits and bad habits.

Freedom means the courage and serenity to accept the things that you can't change and the willpower and determination to change the things that you can. And freedom provides the good sense to know the difference.

May you achieve a measure of freedom in your life this Passover. 

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