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Purim is over the top!

Friday, 26 February, 2021 - 4:00 pm

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Purim is over the top! If you’ve ever properly celebrated Purim (especially with Chabad) you’d know that everything on Purim is done in an excessive manner. We don’t just listen to the story of Purim, we make sure to hear the entire story read twice; we don’t just share some food with a friend - we share at least two foods and usually with multiple friends. And we don’t just give tzedakah, we’re told to give to all who stretch out their hand. 

And while most Jewish holidays include a festive meal, on Purim we’re supposed to eat and drink in excess! Yes, that is how it is legislated in Jewish law.

Purim is over the top because it is not just a celebration of something that happened thousands of years ago. It’s not entirely about Haman and Achashverosh, or even Mordechai and Esther. That would be more like the other holidays we celebrate.

Purim is about us and our personal relationship with G-d. That’s why it’s over the top.

If it sounds like I still have some Purim liquor to work through, hear me out.

Mount Sinai was wondrous; it was the culmination of a miraculous year that included the Ten Plagues, The Exodus, The Splitting of the Sea and many sundry miracles along the way. Then at Mount Sinai, G-d proposed, as it were, to the Jewish people. G-d asked us and we obviously said yes. 

The truth is, how could we not. We owed so much to G-d - He had already invested so much into the ceremony, what else could we say?

But when the time of Purim came along, and life with G-d was not so rosy, were we willing to stick it out and stay by G-d? Or would we take the more pragmatic route and try to blend into society? 

When we chose to stay with G-d, this time without the heady influence of supernatural miracles and grand ceremonies at Mount Sinai, this is cause for a serious celebration!

On Purim we took ownership of our relationship with G-d; when we own something, we are more willing to invest in it. When it’s not entirely ours, we do what we need to but not more.

Purim is about our personal relationship with G-d and that’s why it’s over the top.

While the day of Purim may be almost over, the message of the day continues all the time. Invest in your personal relationship with G-d, the dividends are well worth it!

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