Does G-d Make Mistakes?

Friday, 16 April, 2021 - 4:19 pm


Does G-d make mistakes? Yes, actually G-d does make mistakes - through us. Each time we stumble, each time we make a wrong decision or succumb to some sort of temptation, G-d is once again making a mistake.
I guess it would be helpful if I clarified a little.
Deliberately built into the fabric of our universe is the ability to make mistakes - and then rectify and return; to grow from and through them.
G-d put us in this fraught existence knowing that the obstacles in our way could cause us to stumble and fall. And take G-d with us when we do.
However, the intention is not for us to discover our lowliness, it’s for us to discover the depth of our ability. It’s for us to uncover the innate preciousness and true greatness concealed within each of us.
Mistakes are not a bug, they are intentionally built into the system. So when we do deviate, when we do fail, there is no room for despair. It’s a reminder that G-d has something greater in mind for us.
Our deepest Divine service is to get up when we fall and learn from our mistakes. This is how we express the greatest of Divine perfection; the ability to make mistakes.
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