"Change We Need"

Thursday, 6 November, 2008 - 9:55 pm

The Baal Shem Tov taught that we must take a lesson in our service of G-d from all that occurs around us. Whether the results of our elections left you elated or disappointed, surprised or unmoved, there must be some personal lesson that we can glean from it. So here goes…

It seems to me that President-elect Barack Obama based the focal-point of his campaign on a call for “Change”. He concentrated less on the specific policies and proposals in exchange for the broad and open-ended call for “Change”. Perhaps, had he focused more on the specifics, he would have alienated many who voted for him. The prospect of change however, speaks to everyone as it promises to satisfy one of the most common human desires.

Brilliant campaign strategy? Apparently yes. Will he deliver? Maybe. But one thing I can say with certainty. Obama will never be able to satisfy our soul’s innate desire for change. Accomplishing that will take much more effort, on our part, than just pulling a lever in a voting booth.

Satisfying this need - on a personal as well as a global level - is possible. Every mitzvah we do helps to bring about the “Change We Need”. Every mitzvah brings us a step closer to the time when the world will be changed for the good, once and for all. Regarding this change we can truly say “Yes, We Can!” Every mitzvah is needed in this important GOTM (“Get Out The Mitzvah”) campaign. Choose a mitzvah and start bringing about the true change that we can and will collectively accomplish; the one that will be ushered in by Moshiach.  May it be speedily in our days!


On another note, no matter who you voted for, we all have the same president-elect today. The Torah teaches us that the hearts and minds of the leaders of the nations of the world are ultimately in G-d's hands; the Torah teaches us to pray for the welfare of the government; finally the Torah teaches us that the best way to ensure a safe and positive future for Israel and for the entire world is through increased Torah study and Mitzvah observance. Let's pray that this election bring positive results for the United States (and the entire world), for the Jewish people and for the Land of Israel.

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