To Know or To Believe, That is the Question

Friday, 28 January, 2011 - 1:00 pm

Do you know G-d or do you believe in G-d?

Knowledge is attained through study and research. When we understand something we connect to it deeply. Belief is somewhat external, outside of understanding and removed from our experience. We rely on the accounts of others and believe their word.

So, what should we strive for – to know G-d or to believe in G-d?

The problem with knowledge is that it is tied to our limited understanding. As much as we understand, it is finite. Man has always tried to define G-d, to intellectually comprehend G-d’s existence. As a result, we have created a G-d in our own image.

However, G-d is infinite and unbounded; to truly connect to G-d, we have to do so on His terms, beyond limitations. We have to reach beyond our own intellect and emotion to establish a bond with G-d through emunah, faith.

Who knows, we may even experience a reflection of G-d’s unbounded energy in our own lives. Connecting to G-d in this way frees us from our own (many times self-imposed) limitations and allows us to go beyond ourselves, achieving the impossible.

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