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What Is True Freedom?

Friday, 15 April, 2011 - 1:45 pm

How do you make decisions? Have you ever thought about that? The advertising agencies operate on the premise that we make decisions based on our emotions. They try to create an emotional connection to a product by portraying it in an attractive manner, thereby luring us to buy their product.

When drawn in by an advertisement, are we making a rational decision or is our decision-making ability clouded? Are we making a free decision or are we held captive by our emotional connection to the product?

The first step to being truly free is to be able to make decisions based on truly rational motives.

Man was created such that the “brain rules the heart.” Our emotional connections should be based on a sober, rational and objective decision. Not based on passion and emotion.

Only then can we be truly free.

The Passover Seder begins by listing the 15 steps of the seder. Interestingly the first two, “kadesh, urchatz,” seem to be in a different category than the others. 1) Unlike any of the other steps, they are connected by the letter “vav” which means “and.” 2) They appear in the context of a command (e.g. kadesh, recite the Kiddush) as opposed to the others that are merely reporting what takes place (e.g. magid, the haggadah is recited).

Kabbalistic teachings provide some insight – the first of the 15 steps refer to the intellectual capacity of the person. The intention is that the person’s intellectual capacity will have a positive effect on the person’s emotions and behavior.

This is the first step to freedom, the intellect is in control.

May we celebrate Passover this year in true freedom!

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