You CAN help!

Friday, 2 November, 2012 - 4:02 pm

Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast, killing over 100 people, leaving thousands homeless and millions without power. Watching the storm from across the country, we read the news reports horrified by the extent of the damage. We hear the unfortunate stories of those stuck in the storm’s path and who didn’t make it out alive. We are awed by the heroic acts of some and horrified by the selfishness of others.

In the wake of the storm many people responded with an outpouring of generosity, hospitality and kindness. It’s heartwarming to see the images of volunteers leaving their safe and dry homes to help those who have been displaced by the storm.

The question is what can we do? We live thousands of miles away and it’s not realistic for us to host people who have been displaced or to help clean up. My answer is this: make a donation. Even if you can’t afford to give a lot of money, give something. Although there are many organizations that are raising funds for this effort, here are my suggestions: will go directly to the families of Chabad Rabbis whose homes and lives have been devastated and are in desperate need of support. is a central fund that has already distributed over $30,000 to individuals and families that were hardest hit. It will continue to be used in overall support of communities, families and the rebuilding effort.

Chabad representatives live in these communities that were hardest hit. They are in direct contact with the local community members and they know their needs. Your donation will go directly to help those caught in this unfortunate situation.

As you know, I don’t generally make appeals for donations for outside causes but this is different; this is an emergency. Please do whatever you can – it will make a world of a difference. 

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