What in your life is worth being thankful?

Friday, 23 November, 2012 - 2:38 pm

What are you truly thankful for in your life? Put slightly differently, what in your life is worth being thankful for? 

After giving it some thought, you surely noticed that most of what you experience daily is not truly worth being thankful for. Of course living in a comfortable home and driving a working car are deserving of thankfulness, but what are the things that are truly valuable in your life? There is something incongruous here.

The truly important things in life are not the physical, temporary experiences; rather they are the deeper, more spiritual side of our lives. Why then do we spend most of our time and effort pursuing the physical and so little time pursuing the truly important side of ourselves?

We are happier when we spend our time helping others than when we focus on fulfilling our desires. We are happier when we are with family. And we are happier – even on the most basic level – whenever we do a mitzvah.

In order to live a truly happy and thankful life we have to live in a way that is consistent with our deepest truth – a truth which we ourselves are sometimes not fully aware of. We have to get in touch with our soul. Humans have a unique soul, a soul that is different than that of all other creations. Our soul yearns to transcend, it yearns to grow and it yearns to share. When we build our life to include the needs of our soul, our body lives a more satisfied and content life as well.

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