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Can you tell the difference between dark and light?

Friday, 10 May, 2013 - 2:17 pm


“I can’t see anything in here – it’s so dark!” exclaimed the newcomer. The group had gathered in a cool, dimly lit wine cellar to avoid the heat of the day.

“Don’t worry,” someone replied, “soon you’ll get accustomed to it and then you will not even notice that it’s dark. It will seem as though it’s light in here.”

Hearing this exchange, Reb Hillel Paritcher, the great Chassid and mentor who was leading the gathering, commented, “This is the problem. We sit for a while, our eyes adjust, and suddenly we think that the darkness is really light.”

It’s true we live in dark times. It’s true there is much pain and suffering in the world. It’s true that there is evil in the world. We truly live in dark times. We live in times where Hashem’s presence in the world is concealed in such a way that the world seems to be self-sufficient, nary a hint that there is a True Power that’s making it work.

However, we don’t have to become accustomed to this darkness. Every time we add a mitzvah, every time we a selfless deed of goodness and kindness; when we work on attuning ourselves to the hashgacha protit, the specific divine providence that influences our lives ; we are effectively protesting the darkness and proclaiming that it is not the true state of being.

Take a moment and think about this; in which area of my life have I become “accustomed to the darkness” to the extent that it feels like light? How can I reverse this acceptance of the status quo and bring more light into my life?

Now realize that just the fact alone that you identified this part of your life, has already effected a tremendous paradigm shift. In this specific area of your life you no longer mistake the darkness for light.

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to a brightly lit future!

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