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Are you getting the most out of life?

Friday, 17 May, 2013 - 2:31 pm


How do you view Jewish observance? Does it seem like a burden and a challenge to you or is it a personal benefit, a gift?

You don’t have to share your answer with me. But if your Jewish observance is not the first measure that you use to judge whether to engage in a particular activity, it’s safe to say that you view (perhaps unconsciously) Jewish observance as a burden.

Don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal.

We just read the Ten Commandments on Shavuot. Whether you heard the reading or not, I’m sure you’re familiar with them. Have you ever noticed how G-d introduces Himself? “I am the L-rd your G-d who took you out of the land of Egypt.” Ever wondered what the exodus from Egypt had in common with the Ten Commandments? If G-d is establishing His “credentials” in order to then command us to live in a particular way, He should have said, “I am the L-rd your G-d who created heaven and earth.” Surely creating the entire universe is a greater feat than redeeming a handful of slaves?

By describing Himself as the one who redeemed the people from Egypt, G-d is communicating to us, “This is good for you! The Torah that I am sharing with you today is going to enhance your life!”

Have you discovered how living a life guided by the Torah is actually physically beneficial? If you have yet to give it a serious try, how about trying it out? Study about it and then incorporate an aspect of Torah guidance into your life, then step back and watch what happens! (Need help getting started? Send me an email, I’ll be happy to direct you).

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