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Friday, 26 June, 2015 - 1:51 pm


You may not know this but the final minute of this month will have 61 seconds instead of 60. It’s called a Leap Second and yes, it’s really true - Google it. For most people it won’t make any difference and quite possibly this message is the extent to which it will affect you. But this discussion about the precision of time, and ability to alter it when necessary, got me thinking a little.

You see in Jewish teachings different times represent different approaches to life: The days of the week are a unit in time that are constant; they represent aspects of life that cannot be changed, the consistency and predictability of life.

Months in Judaism represent change. The very word for month, Chodesh, comes from the same root as Chidush, something new or innovative.

It’s important to remember that there are things in life that are beyond our ability to control or change, and we need to accept that. But there are also things in life that are within our purview to change - those things may take effort and may be difficult but it’s important we recognize our ability to make those changes - and actually do what needs to be done in order to make those changes.

On a mystical level these two aspects of life represent the physical, limited reality that we inhabit and the unrestricted G-dly energy that is beyond the physical reality. But unlike the abovementioned, these two dimensions of reality can and should complement each other. Not only that - our entire purpose is to do just that, to unite them.

Usually we are more aware of the physical reality that we inhabit. However, our job is to connect to the dimension of G-dliness that is beyond the limitations of this physical reality. Our job is to ensure that G-dliness permeate this physical world.

When we make it a point to notice the miraculous and wondrous events in our life, when we take time to daven (pray) and with each mitzvah we fulfill, we uncover and reveal the G-dly reality.

So whether or not this months leap second affects you, take a moment and consider the many lessons associated with time and how your time can be better used.

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