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Lesson from a skinned knee?

Friday, 24 March, 2017 - 1:42 pm

The call went out and everyone responded. Some grabbed what they had but others - the wealthy leaders - said that they’d let everyone else donate, and then they would fill in whatever was missing. The only problem? In the end there was a surplus, nothing was lacking.

This is what happened when Moses announced the building campaign for the Tabernacle in the desert. Everyone ran and got what they could but the Princes, the leaders of the tribes, decided to wait. They certainly had good intentions but at the end of the day, they missed an opportunity.

The next time Moses announced a collection, they were the very first to donate; they had learned their lesson.

The Torah tells us about the Princes and their relatively small donation; Rashi elaborates about their mistake and how they learned from it. While they weren’t able to fix their mistake, they did learn from it.

Sometimes we can rectify a mistake that we’ve made, and other times nothing can be done; we can’t change the past - but we can always learn from our mistakes to make a better choice in the future.

Everything that we experience, whether they’re things that we perceive as good, or things that seem to us as bad, must be a lesson for us in our Divine service and personal growth.

Did you fall and hurt your knee? Did you make a wrong turn? Even if you’ve fallen morally or spiritually; it’s all to teach a lesson and provide an opportunity for growth. 

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