Nuclear Soul

Friday, 11 June, 2021 - 5:57 pm


Moses is known as the faithful shepherd of the Jewish people. He redeemed us from Egypt, split the Reed Sea and gave us the Torah. He structured the foundation of Jewish practice and its Judicial systems, leading our ancestors to the border of the Promised Land.
Yet when the Torah highlights his life achievements after his passing, none of these significant accomplishments are listed. Instead, the Torah highlights when he shattered the tablets as the defining moment of his life and his greatest accomplishment.
Consider the context for a moment. The people had sinned within 40 days of receiving the Torah; they had fashioned and worshipped the Golden Calf. This was a blatant violation of the very first of the Ten Commandments they had only just received. And when Moses witnessed this calamity, he shattered the tablets.
How can this be viewed as something positive? How can this be construed as a highlight of Moses’ life? THIS is his defining moment?? THIS is how he should be remembered?? It seems more like an event that would better be swept under the rug!
In fact, that moment when Moses chose to smash the tablets rather than allow the people to be wiped out by G-d, is when he truly became the faithful shepherd of the Jewish people.
Moses highlighted the value of the Jewish people, greater even than their observance of the Torah. Precious beyond anything in existence is the Jewish soul. This is what Moses understood and communicated at that pivotal moment.
This idea is at the core of the Rebbe’s life and leadership. The Rebbe wouldn’t tolerate speaking ill of a fellow Jew and viewed every Jew from the perspective of their powerful soul.
In fact, the Rebbe is said to have compared the soul of a Jew to nuclear energy. What might seem like a miniscule particle can release the most immense energy.
This Sunday, Gimmel Tammuz/3rd Tammuz, marks 27 years since we were able to see the Rebbe.
It’s time to adopt this attitude in our daily interactions with fellow Jews and stop focusing on the superficial. It’s time we start viewing ourselves and each other from the perspective of our souls.
Imagine how much of a difference this would make?

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