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Three Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Person

Friday, 1 April, 2011 - 1:41 pm

A young, successful secular Jew sat down on the train. As he looked up from the latest book he was reading on his Kindle, he noticed a chassid sitting across from him. Complete with his long coat, strange hat and dark beard he looked like a relic from the past, a holdover from the old country. “Hey!” he called to the chassid, “why don’t you join the modern age!? Your way of life is obsolete and irrelevant nowadays, be more connected and up to date!”

“Excuse me,” replied the man “I’m Amish…”

“Oh, I’m sorry! Please forgive me. I truly respect your dedication to your heritage and way of life. It is such an honorable way to live and so good for the rest of society to have you as an example…”

A professor once visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe. After discussing many topics, the professor turned to the Rebbe and exclaimed, “Rebbe! I want to be your chassid.'' ''Nu, what’s holding you back?” asked the Rebbe. “But I don’t look like a chassid, I don’t act like a chassid,” replied the professor. The Rebbe responded, “If you contemplate each day how you can grow, how you can do one more mitzvah today than you did yesterday – that is a chassid!”

According to Chabad Chassidic guidelines, the term "chassid" refers to one who recognizes his own essence-character and his standing in the knowledge and study of Torah, as well as his situation in observing mitzvot. He knows what he lacks and he is concerned and takes steps to fill that void.

So, here’s how to be a chassid in three easy steps. 1) Know yourself 2) Know what you lack 3) Take meaningful steps in the right direction.

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