Vandalism at Chabad: What You Can Do

Wednesday, 7 March, 2012 - 4:59 pm

Experiencing vandalism is never pleasant. In the context of increasingly worrisome news out of Israel, and against the backdrop of personal experiences with anti-Semitism, it’s easy to get alarmed. One thing is certain, the outpouring of moral support that we’ve received clearly demonstrates the deep emotions that this occurrence has stirred.

What You Can Do
Many have asked what they can do to help and my answer is: show up! Demonstrate your support by being an active part of the community. An excellent opportunity is tomorrow afternoon - join us for the annual Purim community event. We’ll read the megillah and hear how although throughout the ages our enemies have attempted to destroy us, we are still here celebrating while they have long been forgotten. The program begins at 5 and will include a delicious Chinese style buffet dinner prepared by Chef Lewis Pasco.

Your participation tomorrow sends a clear message to the vandals; we are here to stay and we will not be deterred by their cowardly actions!

Our Response
As I wrote on Monday, we won't allow an event like this to intimidate or deter us from our mission. We know that our cause is just and we will continue to spread goodness and kindness and encourage others to do the same.

On the contrary, we plan to expand and grow! Sidney Morganbesser, the late famous Columbia philosopher, is purported to have said that,  "The modern Jewish maxim is Incognito, ergo sum, 'I am invisible, therefore I am.'" We will make sure to counter this notion and continue to encourage others to counter it too.

With blessings for a joyous Purim!

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