The solution to the clock conundrum

Friday, 18 May, 2012 - 1:17 pm

The village clock towered above the marketplace in the center of town. Everyone would adjust their personal watch to the time displayed on the clock. Perched high above their heads, the villagers would have to crane their neck to be able to see the time. During the late afternoon, the setting sun would blind them as they tried to make out the hand on the clock.

Complaints grew into grumbling, grumbling turned to anger and soon the town council was discussing The Clock issue at their weekly meeting. They came to a decision: the clock would be repositioned at a lower level.

No sooner was the change implemented and The Clock issue was back on the table. Only this time it was different problem: The clock was constantly breaking down. A commission was empowered to investigate the cause of the latest clock conundrum.

Their findings: when the clock was positioned at the top of the tower, everyone would adjust their personal watches according to the time that the clock displayed. Now that the clock was lower, everyone adjusted the clock to the time on their personal watch. Naturally, after numerous changes a day, the clock would break.

Society’s morals and values must be based on the immutable, G-d given code, the Torah. We have to adjust our limited perception of right and wrong to the timeless perspective of G-d. If not, if our morals and values are based on our feelings; if our standards are based on the mood of the times or the latest poll numbers, society will ultimately break down.

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