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Stand up and be counted!

Friday, 25 May, 2012 - 2:24 pm

46,500. That’s how many were in the tribe of Reuven. 59,300. That was the tally of the tribe of Shimon.

Why is this relevant? Why does the Torah spend the time to tell us the tally of each tribe? Oh, and the total? That was 603,550. Okay, fine. Now what? How do these numbers impact my life? Isn’t the Torah a guidebook for life? For my life, here and now. Most of the tribes don’t even exist nowadays!

Counting is a unique equalizer. The numbers don’t describe the individuals who were counted. The scholars and leaders get counted together with the simple people. Each person is counted equally.

And this is an important lesson. We often convince ourselves that our actions are not important. Whether we participate or not, who cares? Here we see that each individual is important. Each one of us has to stand up and be counted.

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