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The Most Important Decisions

Friday, 20 March, 2015 - 1:53 pm


A married couple who couldn’t agree on anything finally went for some help. After working with a therapist, they eventually came to a mutually amenable solution: He would make the big decisions and she would decide the less important ones.

One week later they were back, hostile as ever. “What happened?” asked the therapist, “I thought you had agreed to split the decision making fairly?” “She’s still not letting me make any decisions,” responded the husband. “That’s not true!” the wife retorted, “We agreed you make the big decisions and I make the small ones. Well, you get to decide the big things -  who should be president, whether we should invade Iraq and how we should engage with Russia. I deal with the small ones - where we should live, what type of car we should drive and whether we should redecorate the living room.”

With all pontificating about the Israeli elections this past week, it seems as though everyone has decided to make the big decisions, even though few of us have any influence in the matter. Now, I’m not discouraging holding an opinion or expressing it, it’s just important to keep in mind that these matters are not in our control. A better use of our time and energy is to focus on things that we have direct influence, primarily ourselves.

Tonight and tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the beginning of the “month of redemption,” the month in which Passover falls. This is a month of redemption on the national level (i.e. Passover) and on the personal level. It’s the season to jump to a whole new level in regards to personal development and spiritual achievement, not a month to get bogged down in world politics (no matter how important).

Whether it’s about resetting a relationship or rebooting your relationship with G-d; getting more organized or about being more consistent with your Torah study, this month gives us the ability to become a whole new person, in a good way!

Tune in to the energy of this month, tune in to the message of Passover and achieve a personal Exodus!

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