Who Is Greater?

Friday, 19 June, 2015 - 3:08 pm


“Who is greater - the Rebbe or Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses)?”

This question was once posed to a chassid by a non Chassidic friend. Knowing how much the Chassidim venerate their Rebbe, he tried to corner his Chassidic friend with this question.

The Chassid replied, “The Rebbe, of course.” And then he explained, “Were it not for the Rebbe, I wouldn’t know about Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses).”

This anecdote is especially true today, only thousands of times more so.

Almost every Jew alive today has somehow been touched by the Rebbe and his Chabad emissaries. And for many Jews today their entire connection to their heritage is due to the Rebbe’s guidance and influence.

Tomorrow marks 21 years since the physical presence of the Rebbe was no longer apparent. The passing of an individual is always difficult and in the Rebbe’s case compounded thousands of times. As painful and difficult that it is, we have to continue to share the ideas and ideals that the Rebbe lived and taught.

The truth is that if influence and inspiration is any measure of a person’s life, the Rebbe is very much alive today. Each of his emissaries in all corners of the world, and every single individual who - due to the Rebbe’s guidance - makes positive changes in their life, continue the Rebbe’s life and mission.

Yesterday we woke up to terrible news of a hate crime and senseless murder in South Carolina. Occasions like this are extremely painful and difficult but have to spur us to increase in positivity. The Rebbe’s attitude in this type of case would be to point out the extent of the havoc and harm one deranged and hateful individual can cause. This should serve as a reminder how much each and every individual can accomplish when they make an effort to spread goodness and kindness.

This Shabbat is an extremely important one, not only for Chabad, but for the entire world. Mark this auspicious date by learning more about the Rebbe and his teachings, participating in an extra Torah study session or Davenning (prayer) and make a positive resolution to continue taking one step at a time in the right direction.


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