Is Creation just a conspiracy theory?

Friday, 9 October, 2015 - 12:42 pm


It's arguably the best conspiracy theory of all time; the creation narrative in this week's Torah portion was not witnessed by any of us and is still not entirely verifiable scientifically - the typical way that we verify things today. So why then is it so important?

In fact, why is the creation narrative included in the Torah at all? The Torah (as its name indicates) is a book of instruction and guidance; why then does the entire first book deal with stories? They may be interesting stories, but they're seemingly misplaced in a book of guidance. Some of the stories teach us about human relationships, but this creation narrative is not exactly things that we could emulate.

So back to our question - what exactly is so important about this story that it is included in the Torah?

The reason is accountability. It's all about accountability - the world is not some random place where insignificant things take place, it is a calculated creation of G-d. We have been purposefully placed here; we're not just biological accidents.

As much as some scientists don’t like the literal interpretation, the creation narrative cannot be completely ruled out. But in truth, it doesn't fully matter - the main point is that G-d created the world, and each one of us, for a purpose. We have a unique mission that only we can fulfill.

That is why the creation narrative in this week's Torah portion is so important.

The above idea is a personal reason but there is a global reason too, and it is relevant to the recent distressing news out of Israel.

Rashi, the great commentator of the Torah, explains the importance of the creation narrative in a geopolitical context. It's all about establishing our moral right to our land. Our right to the Holy Land predates any UN vote or Balfour Decleration. Our right to the land comes from the Creator of the entire universe, He created it and gave it to us.

The reason why we, the Jewish people, have the right to the areas redeemed during the Six Day War is not due to security considerations - it's because it is ours! And unfortunately as long as we are not willing to communicate this to the world, clearly and unequivocally, we will be plagued by physical and political terrorism.

Whenever things are going bad for our brother's and sister's in Israel, we tend to feel helpless and distant. There are however many spiritual things that we can do to assist - men, put on tefillin (if you need help, reply to this email and I'll happily assist); women, light Shabbat candles (tonight no later than 6:17pm). In addition, if it comes up in conversation, you can point out that our right to the land is not a recent development but it has been around for thousands of years and was given to us by non other than G-d Himself.

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