Chabad is a family oriented, full service Jewish Community Center providing services for any Jew regardless of their background or affiliation. There is no charge to become a member at Chabad, although donations are appreciated.


Because many Jewish people in Folsom/El Dorado Hills feel like they are “the only Jew in town” and “the odd one out”. A few parents said, “I was the one who brought Hanukkah Dreidels to the class and told them that we celebrate Hanukkah, not Christmas. There are Jews and non-Jews who don’t have access to further education about the Jewish people. Chabad is here to fill those needs in a non-judgmental and warm traditional atmosphere.

To do this, Chabad has created

  • A close, tight knit community where people feel for one another and are looking out for the welfare of the other community members
  • A Chabad House which provides resources for grandparents, parents, adults, teens and children to learn about Jewish traditions
  • A system to help people experience spiritual growth and renewal through joining one of our programs or one on one instruction with Rabbi or Rebbetizin-a subject of their choice at a time of their choosing.

Everybody feels at home at Chabad. Our community is comprised of people from across the entire Jewish spectrum, including the “ashke-fardic ultra-refo-conserve-dox”. Many people who have a non-Jewish spouse, consider Chabad their spiritual center.

Chabad Jewish Community Center is the home of

  • The Sierra Jewish Academy - Your primary resource for Jewish and adult education.
  • The Jewish Women's Circle - Where singles, young moms and women of all ages can be part of a global sisterhood.
  • Chabad Hebrew School (A.K.A. Religious school or Talmud Torah) - Where children have fun learning about their heritage.
  • The Shul - Where prayer means connecting to G‑d
  • Constant Caring - Our way of helping those in emergency need - in the form of food, clothing, shelter, medication and the like.  For local individuals and families, regardless of race, religion or creed.
  • Chabad also provides resources for life-cycle events, addiction intervention, crisis and marriage counseling and referral services and any need you may have.