Rebecca Graulich.jpg Rebecca Graulich:

I was raised Reform and have made multiple attempts to connect with Judaism. In every case, I have left discouraged. Folsom Chabad is the only Jewish organization where I have felt comfortable. The Rabbi and Goldie make it fun to learn about Judaism and to be a Jew. Best of all, my husband, who is not interested in organized religion and has never felt comfortable in synagogues or chavara groups, enjoys spending time with Rabbi Yossi, Goldie and their loving family.

DebbersDale & Janet Debber:

Getting involved with the Chabad of Folsom community has been such a warm and welcoming experience for me and my husband.  Being a non-Jew married to a Jewish man has been a challenging situation for both of us.  Rabbi Yossi and Goldie have been so wonderful- welcoming us both into the community and furthering our understanding of Judaism. 

I have found Rabbi Yossi’s classes to be very helpful and interesting, and I feel I can ask him questions and get clear and straightforward answers.  Goldie is not only sweet, but a Super Woman- mother of 9 children and still able to fulfill her numerous other duties as Rebbetzin, teacher, and caterer.  Together they make a great team, and we feel so fortunate to be a part of the community.

Jana Hernandez.jpgJana Hernandez:

I grew up knowing I was Jewish but I wasn't part of a Jewish community. It wasn't until I was an adult that I found the Chabad Center in Folsom and it's changed my life. Rabbi Yossi and his wonderful wife, Goldie, welcomed me and my family with warm sincerity at the very first meet. 

My children now attend their Hebrew school every Sunday, I go to women's meetings, and we celebrate Jewish Holidays at the Chabad in Folsom. 

Not only has Rabbi Yossi and Goldie welcomed us, but they and the Chabad Center feel like family. I am forever grateful.

Sara Smith.jpgSara Smith:

I have two children that attend Chabad Hebrew School. Each of them love going and get excited for all the fun activities and events the school conducts. My kids come home each week with an increasing amount of knowledge about their Jewish heritage, traditions, and language. As an educator, I am immensely impressed with all the hands-on learning and the teaching techniques that motivate my kids to want to learn. I am so grateful for the genuine connection my kids feel to the Rabbi and Miss Goldie and am tremendously thankful for finding and connecting with Chabad Hebrew School.



Les Polisky:

I commend the Folsom Chabad for its creation of a highly active and responsive Jewish Community in the Eastern Suburbs of Sacramento, California. The services to the Jewish Community not only include religious observance on the Sabbath and other holidays but complete educational resources for children and adults and spiritual guidance and counseling for every religious need regarding a Jewish individual-life’s journey from birth to death. All ages are served by the spiritual, educational and counseling services that have been developed and are available to the community members as needed. 

The success of the Folsom Chabad is the result of the organizational skill and human traits of Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum and his wife Goldie and their children. Both the Rabbi and Goldie are excellent instructors and they offer courses throughout the year to meet the spiritual and intellectual needs of the community. Events are planned to correspond to various holidays throughout the year such as Seders on Passover, carnivals on Purim and community candle lightings on Chanukah. These events have been very well planned and executed and meaningful to those attending.


Sari Rinzler: 

Since you conducted my husband’s funeral I have felt reconnection with my faith. Your calls and visits are a comfort to me. Although Folsom is too far for me to attend services regularly, I am happy to be part of a group that is so worthwhile.


Mike and Lesley Finkel and family: 

We belong to another synagogue in the community and we also choose to be involved in the Folsom Chabad Jewish Community Center. Chabad is closer to home and has exceptional family programming that we value, as well as volunteer opportunities to give back to Folsom. Chabad raises the visibility of the Jewish presence in the Folsom area and gives opportunities to learn a little more about being Jewish and to experience a little more of our Jewish religion, culture, and tradition. I mean, how cool is it to show family visiting from out of the town that Folsom’s Jewish community is vibrant enough to have large signs advertising the incredible Chanukah Wonderland celebration? 


Brianna Wright: 

My fiancé Kevin and I love being a part the Chabad community in Folsom. The classes Rabbi and Mrs. Grossbaum teach offer insight into everyday life through the lens of Jewish wisdom. Their events, like Chanukah Wonderland provide the important opportunity for the community to participate in Jewish life. We are grateful for all the support and enrichment we’ve received from Chabad of Folsom.