The Family Synagogue is a dynamic, friendly and welcoming, modern family-oriented Synagogue with cherished traditional values.
Services Schedule

Our services are refreshingly informal and easy to follow. The English-Hebrew prayer book, along with song and commentary, make everyone an active participant. Children are included and most welcome.

Our current schedule is as follows:

Shabbat Morning Learners Services are held weekly beginning at 9:30 am with an insightful Torah study session led by Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum. Followed by an informative and enlightening learner's service at 10:00 am and torah reading at 11:00 am. Following services all are invited to join us for kiddush and delicious cholent.

(Currently on hold - call for more information - Friday Night Shabbat Services are held monthly on the Friday evening before Rosh Chodesh.  Service starts at 7pm (6pm in Winter) and is followed by Kiddush and delicious hot chicken soup - with Matzah Balls!)

» Kiddush Dedication Opportunities

To dedicate a kiddush in honor/memory of a loved one or any type of special occassion, please call 916 608 9811

Shabbat Day Kiddush - $126.00

Please consider sponsoring a kiddush or a community dinner in honor of a birthday, yartzeit or other special occasion.

Upcoming events
Dec. 10, 2023
CKIDS CHANUKAH LEGOLAND! Take a trip to Legoland and build incredible memories! More info:
Dedicated in loving memory of R' Berel and Yasha Liba Grossbaum OBM